Numbers Tripled at Another Huge Outdoor Legal Dinner Seminar Event hosted by Allied Neurology & Interventional Pain Practice, PC
This was Allied’s third and most successful dinner seminar event since the start of Covid-19, with over 50 attorneys and physicians in attendance. Sponsored by REDI Diagnostics, this event was centered on Dr. Dariusz Nasiek, MD’s presentation regarding medical documentation of legal cases. It was truly the perfect mixture of good food, networking, and comradery. More»




Our Clinic of Pain Treatment is a specialist institution dealing with patients after an accident at work, on the street and after car accidents. Specialized doctors and medical services work with insurances and law firms to ensure that the patient receives the appropriate help they need most at the moment.

Very often patients after a car accident, or an accident at work, may not have any symptoms or pain. An important step at this time is to go to the doctor, after any incident or collision to determine whether the injured person has suffered any internal injuries or spinal damage.

In most cases, early response from the patient and going to the right specialist gives very good results in the treatment process.

In the Pain Treatment Clinic, a doctor may also offer an inoperable solution to the whole situation. Any damage requires specialized treatment, which depends on the type, place and extent of damaged tissues, muscles, nerves or organs.

So the most important thing after an accident is to immediately consult an experienced doctor who deals with accident treatment and a lawyer specializing in accident injuries.

In this case, the best specialist will be a doctor who already works with lawyers. It would be great if the doctor was a medical expert and expert, who could not only lead the treatment, but also write a medical expertise regarding the treatment.

This expertise should contain information on the entire treatment, procedures performed and prognosis after treatment. The success of a case in court depends on a good lawyer and complete documentation. Only in the case of documented permanent loss of health can compensation be sought. Such documentation is prepared by a doctor and delivered to a lawyer. It is a binding document presented in court.